Juniper Moon yarn is soft as angel’s hair, beautiful rich colours AND as it’s made from alpaca wool it contains NO lanolin so will not trigger any wool allergies! Hurrah – there are so many reasons to celebrate, and the possibilities are endless!!

I crocheted the Lost Souls scarf (following a You Tube tutorial by Fiberspider), using a 3.5mm hook.

I used Juniper Moon Herriot ‘fine’, in Pampa Sunrise colourway – a gorgeous green with hidden
depths. As you work with it, the colours change from light to dark, giving it a marbled effect, but the finished article has a solid and rich colour.

Now, the term ‘fine’ in this sense is actually FINE! You know how some 4ply yarns have a lot of structure, and a tight ply? Well – you’re in for a whole new experience with this. It is beautifully soft, and oh-so-fine – I would certainly say it’s more 3ply, perhaps even a 2! Being 75% baby alpaca gives it a wonderfully soft and freshly spun feel, but with a 25% polyamide content it has enough structure to be able to work with it.

If you’re prone to making lots of mistakes and having to frog back then this yarn will certainly teach you to stick to the pattern and focus (I found out the hard way) – it doesn’t like being undone. I guess that would be down to the hairy, fibrous nature. Don’t let that put you off though – it crochets up beautifully with a fabulous drape, floaty and light as a feather!

I used the whole skein (100g) making the scarf so couldn’t test it out with knitting sadly, but I’m positive it would make glorious cosy bed socks, or a lovely hat, using a tighter pattern / gauge.

To anyone with a wool allergy (and all of us without) – celebrate the joys of hypoallergenic alpaca
yarn, find a new pattern that just calls to you, and dive right in with Juniper Moon yarn! You will not be disappointed!